Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crafting with cuties

Its a Saturday Afternoon & I've been crafting with a whole bunch of li---actually they're not so little anymore, so I'll just say I've been crafting with a bunch of girls. They were playing outside and decided to come in so instead of them sitting around being bored, I gave them a craft to make. koolaid gifts. This was a project I made with a Stampin' Up demo once and I thought it would be neat to get the girls to make as well. They really did enjoy it!!

This little sweetie is my cousin, Amanda, with her creation. She was the youngest out of the bunch of girls that crafted at our kitchen table with me this afternoon.

& This little cutie is my 'baby' sister Becky. Becky is the one who wanted to make the calla-lilies on the cards. She loved making them. She is also, the one who is most likely to get mad if something doesn't work out her way. Needless to say, judging on the way her card turned out, it wasn't all THAT bad. *smile.

The third girl with us is Tiffany, my other 'little sister'. She's not quite so little anymore. She's already bigger than I am! Its amazing how time flies and how people change over the years. I never would have guessed that at the age of 11, Tiff would be exceeding me in height (Ha! like that's much of a challenge *blush) back when I was babysitting her as a baby. Its actually amazing - looking at photos of her today is like looking at a younger version of me. The resemblance is amazing! I will never ever doubt again, why people mistaken me for her, or her for me.

And finally, there is me with my card. Lame, I know...but whatever, I don't really care, because it was a lot of fun crafting with these sweeties and we did have a funteresting afternoon. It was an easy project and didn't need many supplies, which is a good thing. LOL If it would have needed more than it did, I wouldn't even have thought about making them...because scrapping is costing way way way too much already!

Some more photos of our fun...

Becky, Tiffany, Amanda with their project (at this point, I'm still working on mine cuz I helped them with theirs before doing mine)

& the insides of the cards....still working on mine - lol

Finally, all three of them...complete. Yep, like I said, mine is not the best work I've ever done, but that's okay. Perfectly 'kiddie' and fits in well with the Charisma Cardz Challenge - Something for the Kiddies.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. FAB looks like a fun day
    Thanks for joining us this week at Charisma

  2. Wonderful cards from everyone glad you all had fun . Thanks for joining us at Charisma,
    xx Vee