Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's been a couple days since I've updated my blog here, or done any 'paper crafts' so I thought I would take a minute today to write a quick note.
It seems like my headaches are coming back and I've decided to stay away from my computer to avoid them getting worse. This means less updating, and less blog hopping. I think I will have to remove a couple blogs that I'm following from my list - and just keep those that actually mean something to me. I know I don't always take the time to leave comments on certain blogs that I visit, but bear with me. I'm still getting used to this whole blogger thing.

First things first, Sally's Creative Corner is having a new giveaway this week, and this time it's really special.

As copied from her blog, here is what she has to say:
When I do a spotlight I always up until now have had product in hand to make sure that I will have the freebie to give when the spotlight is over, however with scor-pal they have opted to not send me the product, but said they will mail it themselves to the winner. The week before the spotlight I always contact the company with the write-up, letting them know their spotlight is coming up at the first of the week, however scor-pal has not acknowledge my current emails. Since I cannot afford to purchase one to give away . I am pulling the sponsorship. In place of this I have listed blog candy and it is open to everyone, not just North America. I know this is not as good as a scor-pal, but it is the best I could do.

Pop on over to her site, and tell her you don't mind that her giveaway is not what she had originally posted. She's still such a sweetie for doing this on a weekly basis. I don't think I could...really, I couldn't.

Thanks Sally!

Anyways...I should get back to my sewing machine. Mom and I are making a quilt for my sisters and she's not home today or tomorrow, so its up to me to keep on working diligently, but *blush* I haven't done a darn thing on it all afternoon!

Here's the center of the quilt, and now we're creating patchwork around it until it reaches its full length. Actually, the braided border, is an example of what I mean with 'patchworking' around it. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous??

Anyways...I'll be online tomorrow, trying to catch up on a couple challenges and sketches. :) Hope to see you then!



  1. The braided border looks cool and I kind of like the colours!

  2. OMGosh, Love the quilt. I remember my mom quilting all the time. I never got the bug...but love the quilts.
    Thank you for announcing my spotlight. I am not sure I am cut out to do this either. LOL

  3. Hun,
    Could you email me at for measurements on my card.

  4. Sweet quilt sucks abt ur headaches...