Friday, April 9, 2010


As promised, I said I would post some pictures of my latest projects. After a while of perfecting my skills with this new crafting technique, I am finally comfortable enough to post pictures of what I've completed.

First, there is the story behind it all....

Ever since I've graduated from high school in 2008, I've wanted to try this...and then I did try it, and worked on perfecting my skills. I've come far enough to be able to post my work...

Welcome to the wonderful world of ETCHING

These two glasses were etched for my two [unmarried] aunts - since they're the only ones still at home taking care of gramps, its fun to make gifts for them. The rest of the aunts - well they all have kids and stuff, so we nieces and nephews don't feel the need to 'gift' them as much as the single ones. Nit?

The first one is for my mom's twin sis, Becky, and the other is for my mom's older sis, Hilda. Personalized & special. They love gifts like this, and I just know that they will love this gift too...

This frame was my first attempt at etching a stamp. Bought the stamp from Blue Ridge Impression and stamped it, then enlarged it & etched the enlarged copy. It was made for a dear friend who absolutely adores dolphins and I know she'll love this! Can't wait to see her expressions when I hand it to her. :)

Finally, this last frame is about the project on which I have spent the most time. I've never attempted anything as precise as these fonts and I must admit, it was a challenge, but it is also a joy to look at now!! Love the way it turned out, and though I realize its not 100% perfect (if you look at it with a magnifying glass, you'll know what I mean) its still my favorite project so far.

I've always loved the serenity prayer and sometimes we need to be reminded of it, so now it's hanging...well no where i guess, but trust me, I'll find a place for it!!

Enjoy this blog...and think of me...cuz my hand hurts sooo much already from scratching into the glass. I know...I do everything the hard way and use diamond instead of acid...but its also more detailed this way.

Take care


  1. These are amazing. I can't believe you did that by hand. They are all lovely, but the serenity prayer is gorgeous.

  2. yeah I have to agree, the serenity prayer is something else. I'm pleased with my efforts, that is for sure & it all pays off. :)

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh k I now know wat u do one of our gurls tht married away did tht too only using acid and doing mirrors for headboards in the bedroom and stuff like tht. :P kool defftyl hav to catch it out when I come :P . take care sis and keep up the awesome work. :P

  4. Hmm you do that - though at the moment the serenity prayer is the only thing I have one hand here. The rest I gave away