Friday, April 9, 2010


The new spotlight on Sally's Creative Corner is a must check out!!!!!!! Heart & Soul Rubber Stamps are absolutely gorgeous, at very affordable prices. It took me a while to be able to check out their website because it was blocked by our network, but once they unblocked it after requesting access, I realized that I found a new favorite site for stamps. You might think I'm nuts...but I loved it so much that I actually bookmarked it about three times just to make sure that I know I love this site and want to go back to it again and again.
What I love most about this site is the fact that it is inspirational based. The quotes and scriptures they have chosen to be created into stamps are beautiful, and definitely worthy to be remembered. I know that as soon as I'm able I will be ordering stamps from this company.

So if you're looking for a website devoted to inspirational stamps, be sure to check out Heart and Soul Rubber Stamps. And of course, if you love this website, you will also love Blue Ridge Impressions. For all the Canadian stampers, there is also an outlet for Blue Ridge in Ontario and I can vouch for this company. Their stamps are very clear, and beautiful, and well worth their price (which, unmounted, is very cheap). & their shipping is AWESOME. Free with all orders over $50 & its FAST. 3-5 days and you have your package of stamps, and/or other products.

Next time you're buying stamps, check out these sites. I know you'll love them!!

On a different note...a quick update on what I've been up to this week since I've obviously not done any scrapping!! I've been busy raking, cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning. We've spring cleaned our house from bottom to top, and I'm positive that if we would have collected all the dust that came together from all those various corners, we would have enough dust to create a six pound baby. Soo...after all the natural cleaning accidents (of course, if you know me personally, you'll also know its not hard to believe the whole 'accident' part)we've finished cleaning. Till fall. Honestly, despite being on the receiving end of a bruised jaw because I hit the door frame carrying a chair and having the back slam back into my jaw, this is the best cleaning I've ever experienced. And I cleaned the entire basement by my lonesome self - in just two days too!! (btw - this is an accomplishment, cuz we have four bedrooms, a large storage room, washroom, and a utility room/office in the basement)

Anyways, I doubt that you're all that interested in hearing all about the entire cleaning fiasco, so I'll get to the sink of dirty dishes calling my name and then get back to completing my other major project of the week. Not telling what it is until its completed, and I promise, I'll post pictures, so that I have something crafty posted this week. Well...maybe.



  1. Always love hearing what you have been up to. Now that you have finished your spring cleaning, how about mine? It hasn't been spring cleaned in a couple years now. LOL

  2. Nice to see your keeping busy :P lol