Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's been a while...

I cannot believe how much time has passed since I have last attempted to write a blog entry. Life really does have that effect on us sometimes; way too much on the go to be able to write a blog entry, regardless of how short/long it ends up being.

For starters, I've FINALLY completed my first patchwork. Not the best work out there, but I was happy with the attempt. Okay, I was more happy to get it over with and finished than the actual finished product, but we'll keep that between us, right?

Now I know that when you'll look at this blanket, the first thought that will cross your mind is "what in heaven's name was that girl thinking??" The truth is, I don't know! I was not thinking about how that white flowered print will effect the plain purple square beside it. That purple log really does stand out and looks so out of place. You know, it only looks weird the first time you look at it. By the time it was completed, I was pretty much used to it and actually love the way it is now. Especially considering the fact that its finished. LOL
Technically its actually not finished. It still needs a back, finishing, and quilting, but...that can wait for some other time.

Although I do wonder...who is more thankful that I have decided I need to stock up on my card or Kipper?! LOL He really hates it when I invade the sewing room. In fact, when I work there, he sits underneath my mom's sewing cabinet. Hey comeon!! The fact that he HATES water and the fact that there is always a water spritzer right beside the iron is much too tempting. Maybe I should stop bugging Kipper, buuut where's the fun in that??

These past two days I've also had the opportunity to take care of three sweeties aside from my own sisters. Their parents went to a funeral in Goodhope and I took care of them...or rather I had fun. The first day was a little weird and they looked soo bored - my mom was in town and I hate sewing when she's not home, so I scrapped any thoughts about sewing and decided that we're going to make cards.

I had a whole bunch of new stamps to try out and thought there was no better way to use Wennie's Candy than to share with a bunch of sweeties. So we each made a card; Lorraine's two oldest girls, my sisters, and myself. (The youngest decided she's coloring and that's that). The top and bottom card waaaay on the right are incomplete btw. One still lacks embellies and the other needs some more layering, and embellies.

I also attempted my very first easel card. I know its not the prettiest card on the block, and far from stylish, but it was the first time I ever made a square card for starters, and its also my first attempt at the easel card. Next one will be much better and prettier. I HOPE!!!

ANd finally the moment you've all been waiting for....

Again, this is an iCopic product, but not actual iCopics. It's some Shimmer Spritz. I know you all want some, so you know where to go to qualify for the drawing.
Yep, that's right, Sally's Creative Corner.

You go for it!!

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  1. Ur a very bad gurl for bugging poor kippy so :P he almost looks rdy to cry , poor guy, nice blanket, not bad for an amature :P heh , take care.