Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Runs in the Family

Back when my brother completed this piece of artwork, I told him I would upload it on my blog just because I loved the way it turned out.

So far, I had not yet taken the time to upload it...until I remembered right about now that its still waiting on my desktop to be uploaded.
This art technique is called 'pen and ink' and is completed by using strokes and lines...the darker a given area was supposed to be, the more strokes he used, and if he wanted a lighter appearance, he used less strokes. Looking at it, first glimpse, one would never guess that it was made using just a bunch of tiny lines. Maybe its because the line strokes compliment the fact that its fur? I think that's why it fits so perfectly!
Anyways, after the image was scanned onto the computer to email his teacher, I edited it slightly in photoshop and then resized it so that multiple pictures would go onto a page, and then I printed them. Now they are ready to be cut out and used on cards. A stamp ya can't get anywhere else! Is that cool or what? *smile.


  1. Wow seems like all ur kids are awesome at one thing or another, lol keep it up :P

  2. tiger looks awesome.....glad to see the final product-saw it when it was half finished at school :)

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