Thursday, April 22, 2010


While flipping through the photos on my computer, I couldn't help but stop and reminisce as each one passed by with each click of the keyboard. After halfway through, I thought it would be so nice to make a scrapbook layout that would mean something to me. Something touching, something beautiful. I could not however, find a photo that was suitable for the mood I was in. I was looking for something that I would want to remember through the years. Then I remembered this beautiful poem I wrote last year in July for my Aunt & Uncle after their son lost his life in an accident, two days before his 21st birthday. We all took it hard; he was one of the best guys there is. With a heart larger than himself and a cheerful attitude that naturally brightened any room he walked into, regardless of the somber mood it had been in beforehand; he is one who is sorely missed by all those who knew & loved him.

I did create a digital layout, and I do realize its far from the most beautiful layout there is, I do like the way it turned out.

The poem I wrote is one of my favorite pieces of writing and it has touched the hearts of many. I don't wish to come across as bragging because that is entirely not my intention, but it does have the effect I wished it would have on people while I wrote it. I wished for people to be touched and remember all the beautiful memories about Jonathan. He was, and always will be, special in our hearts.

Poem Reads:


I am left with only pictures in your heart
I have departed, yet never truly apart
I am your child, one you dearly love
I am now watching over you, from heaven above

I cannot explain to you, my family and friends
Why God has brought my life to its end
But please my dear loved ones, don’t cry for me
For now my spirit shall eternally be free!!

Your love and guidance have taught me well
You taught me of grace and how to be of good moral
The life that I have lived was not in vain
And with death I have found there was a greater gain

Mother, I have found myself to be in God’s care
To find myself here is the answer to your greatest prayer
For all I my life can remember you praying for me
That when I pass, my life in heaven shall forever be

Father, someday I know you’ll be up here too
And when you do, I’ll be there to welcome you
But for now, your work on earth still isn’t through
You still have the rest of our family counting on you

Please think fondly of me and days that have gone
Remember that God’s ways are never ever wrong
Everything that happens is always part of His plan
Sometimes happiness…but never without pain

Keep pictures of our time together within your heart
Till the day will come when we never more shall part…


  1. Jachelle,
    That is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes

  2. Thanks Sally.

    It has the same effect on me every time I read it and think about the person its written about :)

  3. It's a beauitful peice of poetry!

  4. I have said it before and I will keep saying it, you have a gift , a God given gift tht comes straight from the heart. I hope you can hold on to it no matter wat may come or wat u face in this life. I hope you will nev lose it. Take care lieba. (Hugs)

    Always Ry