Monday, April 19, 2010

Shh...don't tell anyone I'm blogging. ;)

I promised myself that I would spend this Monday completely devoted to sewing my baby blanket that really needs to be finished. It is now already afternoon and can you guess how much time I have spent sewing? Ha! I have yet to sit down in front of my sewing machine - and top this - I've been up since 7:15 (as I should be on a daily basis - I try to be!)

So if I haven't been sewing, what have I been doing? It started out with cleaning the basement. Dusting bedrooms & stuff since most (okay, all) cleaning was neglected last week. That took up a great chunk of this morning. I have to clean the room of two guys - were you expecting otherwise? If not, you should have been. My room is about three times worse than theirs. Mind you, it was surprisingly clean considering I just threw everything on my loveseat when I walked in my room. After cleaning, was blog hopping a bit (after promising myself I will not spend any time on my computer today) & then went to wash the dishes. Then there was laundry, and in the midst of that, peeling & grinding horseradish. Believe me, my sinuses are clean now. Of course, my eyes are back to normal. After that, there was cutting up 'knedel'. Not sure what that is in English. Its kinda like a perogy dough cut into small pieces, cooked in water & then mixed with cooked potatoes & served with gravy or this weird thick white stuff that rarely ever has a taste. No, I don't know the English word for it. (Can you guess that English is a second language?). After that, we finished the laundry, then I wrote a couple emails (after promising myself that I was done with the comptuer for the rest of the day for sure) & then went for a walk with mom & Kipper. Now, I'm blogging & I still haven't sewn a stitch. LOL

Of course, I've been blog hopping and came across some awesome cards....and guess what? I don't feel like sewing anymore. Now I wanna go make cards. HELP!!

There is this little monster behind me that is dragging my chair back and telling me in a low gravely voice 'Jaclyn, get off the computer and start sewing. NOW'. Of course, I had to tell this little munchkin-like monster that I still haven't blogged about Sally's sponsor!!

So without further ado....

Sally's Creative Corner
is being sponsored by:

I love that logo. Isn't it awesome? Oh right...this isn't supposed to be about the logo...its about the STAMPS!!

These stamps to be exact:

They're so awesome!!!! Go to Sally's site and check out the cards she made using these stamps!! Sally, I'm scraplifting the card style of the last one....

AFTER I'm finished sewing.

So now there are three little munchkin like monsters telling me to go sewing.

I am going now. I promise...



  1. LOL... You are too funny. I know all about those little monsters. They keep me from doing my housework.

  2. :D sometimes...its the humor that keeps me sane. :P

  3. & the munchkins that help me keep my priorities straight.