Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well...the cook week ended without a hitch.

Actually that's a flat out lie, but now that I try and remember what went wrong, I honestly cannot think of anything. The best I can think of is...I was just too darn tired to do much of anything and kept making some minor mistakes as a result of that. Really, the only major 'mistake' I made was adding waay too much cayenne pepper to our chili Friday night. Technically it wasn't a mistake, but mom doesn't quite believe that I really intended to add THAT much pepper. Honestly, I did! I love it hot. I love chili that burns from the first bite already. I've always loved hot food. If anyone ever asks me what my favorite foods are, I always answer Mexican. I love hot!!! Hot is good.

As for any other mistake...I'll be darned if I can remember anything. Maybe the relief of having everything over and done with cleared the negative memories.


SO anyways, its such a gorgeous evening outside. would be if the wind would know...disappear!! I would love to sit under the stars...with a campfire, marshmallows and special company!

& of course, I miss my hunni. He lives too far away. I hate long distance relationships. Mind you, most of us have long distance relationships because well...most of the young people in the community I live in are my relatives & since we commute a lot with other communities throughout Manitoba (& Sask, & Alberta, & the good ole USA), its very common to have long dis. relationships. I guess it must me true when they say: 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. But hey, come on! There's a limit to what the 'heart' can take. Or...wants to take. LOL

Anyways...that was me...sharing my thoughts. Boring I know...but what the heck, I blogged!!



  1. LOL! Must have been a shock to most of those eating your chili. I like for my chili to have a bite but I don't want my nose & eye running from the heat. I'm glad you didn't have habranaro poweder... you really would have made them cry.

    Where is your hunni? How often do you get to see each other? Is there a wedding in the future? Gee I sure am nosey...

  2. Meh..there are more people that love it hot than not, so it wasn't that bad. & those that don't like it hot - well...they all had water on the table. LOL

    My hunni is close to 2 hrs from here, and I see him ~once every 22 weeks. Things have been crazy, so it should start changing now and become better. I hope so anyways!!!

    Wedding...omigosh I HOPE not. I'm waaay too young to get married. We're both 20, so...ask me in a few years.

  3. Hi! Uhh I don't like hot food ;) But I can imagine how you felt.

    I just wanted to let you know that I embossed the acetate on my card's background (you were asking for on my blog).
    Here I show how I made it in detail.

    Jay Jay

  4. Nice to see ur adjsting to the long dis thingy lol :P seeing as u once told , it could nev work for ya ;) ttyl take care.

  5. I'm NOT adjusting to the whole long distance. I hate it and don't WANT to adjust. yeah, this is me pouting. LOL