Wednesday, May 26, 2010

its a happy happy day - sally's new splotlight included

I just cannot make myself go scrapbook when there is such gorgeous weather outside begging me to come outside and work in the sunshine...which is what I have been doing.

Today mom and I planted our flowerbed & it looks soo gorgeous already! Cannot wait for all those plants to mature and become their full size and start blooming. It is definitely going to be a stellar flower bed this year. I promise to post pictures as soon as everything is in wait, scratch that. I promise to post pictures as soon as our LILIES are in bloom! I am a lily fanatic and look forward to the moment when they bloom.

& after school today we also pruned raspberry bushes. Needless to say, I'm all scratched up. It hurts a little, but once I showered, it took care of most of the sting. Now all that still stings are the areas that were completely cut up & bleeding. & my sunburn...that hurts too. LOL

Soo I was thinking...since I've been neglecting crafting for the most part, I figured it would be nice to post a scrapbook page I was working on earlier today (in between everything else I did)

I used some various scrapbook kits and some of my material. What can I say? I'm getting to be not half bad when it comes to photoshop. I'm learning, that's all I can really say. *smile.

Now the real nature for blogging in the first place was to spotlight Sally's Creative Corner...
Up for grabs this week is GLITTER!!!! Now Sally, I can't help but wonder if you were thinking of me when you decided to post glitter for this week. I LOVE glitter - I have this glitter weakness...if something includes glitter, I want it.
Personally I haven't actually glittered much, but rather I buy it 'pre-applied'. This is not from lack of ambition, but rather because there is so much other stuff I have to buy and as much as I would love glitter to be top of the list, its other material that is a need. (if there is such a thing as a scrapping 'need')
What does this prize include?
16 pots of glitter (omigoodness be still my heart!!!)
6 pieces of sticker paper (how can it get better than this??)
2 pieces of lace (woahhh)
....and when you think there can't be more....
1 quicky glue pen (I've shadow is now completing this blog) AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE glitter. Everyone loves go spread some love on Sally's site & spread the word about this spotlight....

Oohh its a beautiful day...its a beautiful life.

Now all I need is MY computer back. It's being doctored. *tear.


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