Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Projects

Since I barely have any graduation cards made yet, I thought I would make some...using some unique styles. Here are two cards I just finished using some different folding techniques. I love them...especially their small size!! (Hence the blog title)

I started out making two triangle tri-fold cards...but ended up with two totally different styles - and you know what? I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

Triangle Tri-fold Card....

Isn't this the total cutest? my card size is 3x3, so my piece of paper started out as 3x9. Perfect size for cleaning up those strip scraps! Which is pretty much ALL I did! I cleaned up scraps!
& this is what the card looks like taken apart!

& then this is my triangle tri-fold gone wrong. I umm...scored it wrong and ended up with a totally different design.

It totally looks like an envelope - perfect for slipping in a tag or bookmark or something like that.

This is what the card looks like with one triangle folded back - half open I guess...

& then this is what the card looks like completely opened.

Isn't it totally unique and cute? I LOVE this card idea.

& the bestest part about these cards is....they are made using scraps. I didn't cut anything new, not even the white. All I used were bits and pieces...stuck em in the cuttlebug with mini-folders or die cuts. The only 'new' material I used were stickers & ribbon. :)

I love trying out new card ideas and have quite a list of different folding techniques....all inspiration from fellow bloggers, so thanks for the scrap-spiration!!


  1. Jachelle. So nice to read all your posts and see what you've been up to. Digi-scrapping, sewing dresses, planing flowers (or not-lol), making mistakes with grad cards (sometimes mistakes work the best)! Thanks for the plug for my blog. I see you got more followers too!!! Good to see. I sure hope to stop by more often!
    Take Care and keep busy!

  2. Hi just signed up as a follower so now you have one more, you need to get into challenges, that helps to get more followers, your doing ok, I had 10 for over a year, your blog is great and your creations, keep on going.
    Christine x