Saturday, May 1, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day

Once again, my theme for the day is weddings. Don't you love weddings? Since today is the offical NSD, I am still working on making cards. *smile. I still have a few to make, but I think that after today, I will have made a sizable dent in the amount that I need to make. I don't think it'll take all that long until I've completed become exhausted of if anyone has any tips on how else to make wedding cards, let me know!

This card was inspired by a card mom made yesterday (no picture available) and thought it would be perfect to incorporate into a wedding card. I've had these vellum quotes around for quite a while waiting for the perfect moment to use them, and I would say this one suites the purpose well.
This card is for one whole challenge:
Friday Sketcher's challenge was to follow a card sketch (of course). I think I did a not too bad of a job following this one. haha. Let's just say I hope the FS crew thinks so too. ;)

Then there was this card. Someone asked me to create a cute birthday card and I had these froggy stickers that were begging to be used! This is the first time I have ever made a 'round' card, since circles and I usually have a personality crisis instead of working together.
Card Patterns' challenge for this week was to create a card using their sketch. Kinda enjoyed it. *smile.


Take care


  1. Beautiful card! Thanks for joining us at Card Patterns!

  2. So cute card!)
    Thanks for joining us at Card Patterns)

  3. That first card is beautiful and the second one is just too cute :) :) :)

  4. Love your wedding card- the vellum is so elegant. That little frog is adorable, too.

  5. Those distressed embossed background is fabulous! The frog is such a cutie

  6. Hey you. Hopefully u get this ............I accidentally erased your mailing info. It went to my spam, then BOOM I deleted all my spam mail!!! EEEK ~ Pls resend your mailing info. Nice to meet you fello Manitobian!

  7. Jachelle- I have a little something for you to brighten your days!! Come & pick it up on my blog.