Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sew Many Things to Do

Last week and this week, we've been busy doing some sewing (among other stuff). My sisters are both outgrowing their dresses....they are pretty much shooting up like weeds right now. So mom decided to check their closet, see what fits and get rid of the rest. & Then we made them each four new dresses.

This is Becky's set of dresses. Tiffany has pretty much the same dresses, except for the pink one in the center. Instead of that dress, she has a greyish/blue one. I don't have a picture of it. Her dresses are 100% complete and hanging in her closet...and Becky's are still in the sewing room because they're not quite finished.

Then I also made these three dresses for myself. Actually, the third one is currently under the sewing machine (started making it this morning) and will be finished with them later today...or for sure by the end of this week. The green one is completely finished, but the blue still needs to be ironed, and the pink...well that's barely started. (lol).

This morning mom and I spent the entire morning working in the flowerbed. Weeded and transplanted, etc. I love working outside. *smile. We're not ready to plant any flowers yet, since our last frost is around May 31. Mind you, this year I don't think we will have another frost...but just in case we do....its better to be safe than sorry. It's already warming up and can't wait to get tanned. HA. As if I could tan. I'm a paleface and don't tan. Just become sun kissed. :P

We are going to be butchering chickens tomorrow and I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear the gross details behind that. It really is gross...but if you keep your mind occupied and not focused on the task at hand, then it does improve the job by quite a bit.

Anything beyond that...is not planned yet. I don't like making plans cuz something messes them up before they become completed anyways!! I hate making plans. :)

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