Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heart & Soul up for grabs!

I copied this card from Sally's Creative Corner to show you what her weekly giveaway is. For this week, she has a heart and soul rubber stamp up for grabs! Namely, the image that she used on her card. Isn't it one gorgeous stamp?? Yeah, I know you love it. *smile.

I love it as well, and would love nothing better than to win it. *hint *hint :D its me you gotta pick this time. haahaa

All you need to do is hop on over to Sally's blog and leave her a comment, telling her you'd love to get this stamp. Let's see how many entries she get for this week. Comeon ladies, you know you want to!!



  1. Hmm well if i was a lady I would put my name in and giv it to you LOL ROFL :P :D nice to see ur keeping this blog up to date, now kolla don't forgit abt ur other one too eh ;) take care liebs ttyl.

  2. Hello Jachelle,

    I love your card, it's realy lovely withe the flower. Ribben and the buttons on it.


  3. I didn't make it. My friend Sally did, so you'll have to pop over on her blog and let her know. :) Just click on the 'Sally Creative Corner' on the post above and it'll take you to her site. :)Thanks anyways!