Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous!

The lily that I have been waiting for all summer now is in bloom. A few years ago, my gramps and aunt Hilda were walking through a nursery when they found a lily named "Jacqueline" and they bought it. Naturally, I was gifted with this lily after the number of bulbs started increasing and there were more lilies. This year is the very first year that this lily is in bloom in our garden and I absolutely love it. I'm a lily fanatic (and our flower bed shows it) so having a lily named after me is pretty special, even if the spelling of the lily is much different than the spelling of my name. Anyways, I figured since its finally in bloom, it was definitely blog worthy, especially since my internet has been giving me issues with blogging and publishing blogs.

The other reason for blogging is to announce that Sally has heart and soul stamps up for grabs. Not one, not two...not even five, six or seven, but ELEVEN stamps in honor of celebrating Christmas In July. (Gotta love the thought of it)

Pop on over to Sally's Creative Corner for your chance to win some awesome, top quality, rubber stamps. My own personal opinion about heart and soul stamps...they're amazing. There is no way a stamp can ever have a better and crisper image than these stamps, and they're easy to handle, and easy to store. And best of all, they're mostly faith based! Straight from the heart of the creators glorifying the number one Creator of humans and life!


  1. Oh and here I thought I was the only Lily it is beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous lilly. I love them but only have one! Every year I say I am going to get more ,but the time seems to ge away from me.

    Thanks for the Toot about my blog give away...