Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Waking up this morning it almost felt like winter had drifted back upon us. Walking along the sidewalk to the kitchen at 7:30 this morning was quite a rude awakening. It's for sure and for certain; I was barely awake when I headed out the door. Barefoot to say the least, and when I stepped out of the house, I felt so thankful that I actually put on crocs as an after thought. I had seen that the sidewalks were wet and decided I should probably wear some kind of shoes...
Anyways, after breakfast, we headed to the garden to pick asparagus. First one I touched, I was almost SHOCKED. Yeah, I realize it was raining and it was cold, but they felt frozen! It was then that I double checked whether or not those extra raindrops that kept falling were indeed raindrops and not snowflakes. Thank goodness we started hoeing yesterday. At least that put a great dent in the upcoming garden work!

Now despite this awful mucky weather, I've managed to make some cards. I started out originally with inspiration from 'inspirational card sketches' using their weekly sketch

& ended with something that sort of resembles the sketch. I honestly tried to incorporate it into my card, but then kinda forgot. Oops eh? Still going to enter it into the challenge and see what happens...never know, they might just accept it. *smile
Anyways, this card is a new kind of card for me - I've never made this type before. & you'll be able to see where my circle went that I was supposed to use. LOL

Here's another picture of the verse behind the cross stamp.

See what happened to my circle? I started out with cutting off the top of the circle and then mounting it with foam dots for the second piece of the circle....and then I ended up pasting the stamped verse ON TOP of the circle. Seriously, how dumb can a person get? gosh! Oh well...I tried the sketch, and i loved the look of the sketch...I just forgot that I was working with a sketch!
& of course, for the record, the stamps I ended up using for my cards are Heart and Soul Rubber Stamps, the stamps that I mentioned in my last entry when I blogged about Sally's spotlight for this week. I think these stamps are ter-rif-ic.



  1. I can't tell you how many times I started embellishing a card with a sketch only to have it be different. I love the card you created! Thanks for joining us at ICS this week! ♥ Di

  2. Beautiful work!!!! Love how the verse is behind the cross :-)

  3. Love your card, the sketch is sort of there and it doesn't need to be exact, it's lovely to see some different takes on it! Thanks for taking part in the ICS challenge this week :)

  4. luff the card! ya it does feel kinda wintery! cant wait for some long wks of tanning weather!:)