Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Biker's Outfit & more

Once again, Sally is spotlighting Heart and Soul Rubber Stamps as her weekly spotlight.
My personal thoughts on heart and soul...this company has some of the most beautiful stamps out there at dirt cheap prices. If you're looking for anything uplifting and soul-inspiration, this is the website to check out. If you need any help regarding this website, just ask Sally - she's right there to help and advice.
& Just so you know, this is one prize you do not want to miss out on winning!!
Because of the huge amount of stamps that are being offered, I'm not going to be posting them on my blog, but rather ask that you check Sally's blog for more information by clicking on the big bold link below.

On to something else....once again, I've been busy with sewing. :) This time I made something is completely out of my comfort zone, but nevertheless, I loved it! It was made as a birthday gift for a friend's baby, who loves to ride on the motorcycle with his daddy even before he's a year old!
The outfit includes...
a motorcycle cap (which he totally looks adorable wearing!)
a shirt
a pair of pants
a pair of slippers

Doesn't it look so cute?? :) Can't wait to see him wearing it!!

Take care and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. (ha!)


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  1. It does look super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! He must've loved it!!! (especially the parents!) You sewed this??!!! WOW! Now, that's what I call talent!!!