Tuesday, November 2, 2010


WoW. I cannot believe that I have no been on here since August 8th to post an update. I haven't updated my blog, or even visited blogs on a regular basis. I'm not quite sure what happened, aside from saying 'life' happened.

Summer was over in no time, and was blessedly beautiful most of the time. Well...aside from the rain I guess, but all in God's good timing. He did allow us to harvest a bountiful crop, as well as kept us safe. There are those many young people He called home through accidents...friends, acquaintances, relatives...so many young people from 15- 35. Our hearts ached, our hands folded in prayer, and thank you God for upholding these families in Your hands. They needed (and still do) Your strength...

It has sincerely been a summer of changes. A summer of beauty and blessings. A year of rejoicing and a year of broken hearts. A year of love, a year of tears...and looking back upon the years of my life, its this one so far that shines the brightest and the most beautiful.


On a different note, I have been extremely busy with garden work - getting everything out of the ground and stored in the community root cellar. As well as taking part in the rotation of cooking and baking weeks for the colony.
I have also been keeping my sewing machine extremely busy with sewing random quilts (aka crappy scrappy quilts) and those were fun, but thankfully they are finished now. Of course mom and I have been catching up on the winter sewing. My sisters are growing so fast. My 12 yr old sister is now a whole inch taller than me and last Christmas she was still a LOT shorter than me! So they need new clothes that fit...and it was fun sewing the dresses, or just editing dresses to make them longer.
I haven't had much time to scrapbook or make any cards recently, but I will be getting into that later in the week. Cannot wait to be done in the sewing room and giving it up to my aunt who will be coming for ten days towards the end of the week. It'll be fun to just make cards, and I really do need to make some. I have no yet made Christmas cards. Well...I've made two, but those are hardly enough for myself, our family, and my aunt is sure to want some too. After that I need to get started on making baptism cards for friends will be baptized in spring. Many many cards right there. (smile) Then there are a handful of Valentine's Day cards I'll need. Mother's Day cards. Baby cards. Ach, there is just no end to it. Will definitely be fun to make and post.

Oh and...announcement...
(are you ready??)

I HAVE AN OFFICIAL SCRAPBOOK CORNER!!!! Okay, sure its just a table standing in the hallway downstairs, but its a table better than the kitchen table and I won't have to clean up as soon as I begin a project.

At the current moment, I'm working on some digital scrapbook layouts for a friend. Romantically themed, and I'm saving all the psd files for future use. I cannot post pages with the pictures I'm using for her layouts, so I replaced it with a blank, but will post the actual layouts on here.

Layout #1

Layout #2

Will appreciate any and all feedback you guys can offer!!

I promise it won't take me this long to blog again!!



  1. Beautiful... I have been missing your posts.

  2. Nice to see an update. I haven't digiscrapped in ages and I would love to do a layout again...but alas....no time :(

  3. Nice....me likes.....which program do you use?

  4. i actually saw the first one with the 'real' picture in it and loved it.. looks really good:)