Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Again, I seemed to have allowed life to get the best of me and deny me time to allow myself to blog for my dear readers.
I miss blogging! I really, sincerely do, but I also can't help being soo busy! For the past month or so, I have been helping a lady ready her new house, prior to moving into it. This included painting shelves, attic, utility room, as well as scrubbing, scraping, sanding and fixing the small issues that the carpenters left behind. More or less, its mostly cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. From windows, to walls & ceilings, etc. I'm sure you get the picture. I loved it, every minute of it! Unfortunately, this also means I missed out with visiting with my aunt for the ten days she was here. I came home most nights so tired I barely managed to shower and fall into bed, never mind visiting. That is, until I got sick with the flu. I tried to work n all, but it didn't quite work out all that well for me, so I just stayed home and then got to visit with my aunt and the kitten she brought along. Of course, she kept us entertained with her antics.

Bet you totally wanna hold her! She really is adorable even if she made my eyes slightly puffy & red...but my glasses camouflaged a lot, so its all good. :)

While my aunt was visiting, the lady I was helping, ended up giving me a free day at one point, and I tried to make the best of it...scrapbooking. Wait, no, I spent the day making cards actually. I managed a couple different Christmas card designs...
These cards are my favorite design by far. I love the color combination, and I love the stamps. They were also quite simple and easy to assemble. From these, I was able to make a lot and quite quickly too.

I also made several of these cards just because I love the stamp & I love magnolias! Ohh how I love Tilda! She's so adorable and becomes cuter every single time I use her. (smile)

These cards were also simple and easy to assemble, and I love this design because its featuring Heart & Soul stamps that I won from Sally. Thanks a million hun!

This card was not intended to look this way, sincerely it wasn't. I tried out my poinsettia stamp that I bought on sale last year and I flopped it. Of course, I had already cleaned the stamp and tucked it back where it belong before I realized...I flopped while stamping. Instead of getting it messy again, I opted to fix it, and so I fixed it...with gel pens! Then just drew in the boughs & wrote the greeting and I have a card! Easy enough eh? Of course, my handwriting requires work but whatever. It's gotta be the most 'simple looking' card I've got, but...its waaayz too much work to make more of. :)

And my card making spree would not have been complete without a gate-fold card. This one opens under the circle dove with a beautiful verse inside. I love this card, although it doesn't hold much appeal on the photo. Seriously, its much more attractive in real life, despite the fact that I was just cleaning up scraps. :) And Tilda...being Tilda sweetens everything up!

&& I just couldn't quite without a photo of my card-making companion. 'course its a common question, which is the companion; grooveshark or the kitten? (smile) I mean Teeva the Kitten but grooveshark is also a great companion. Luff it!

I did have many more designs of Christmas cards (what can I say? I got bored after making a few cards alike...) but sent them off before getting photos of them. I'm horrible when it comes to getting photos of cards. For some reason, I seem to always forget until after they're marked, and in the envelope! ANd sometimes I remember AFTER they've even been sent. (smile)


On a new latest project is spicing up a dress that I'll be making myself for Christmas.

I went from this....

To this!

I call it being conventional...ended up using a stamp to get the design. Gotta love it! I was even creative enough to make a border on the bottom of my skirt by kinda crowding the design a bit more and adding more flowers than on top. was a lotta work, but its worth it, now that I get to look at it. (smile)'s a little something to make you smile...the taller one is my little sister. And yes, I still call her that, even if she is a bit taller than me already. :)

Merry Christmas

....If I happen to stay away till after Christmas (smile)


  1. nooooooooooo way is tht ur little sis :P like wow, she looks so cute and grown up alrdy :) Merry Christmas to you too Baby sis :P .

  2. lol. i think she's almost as big as you are (kidding)

  3. ---ur cards are nice,, good job.

  4. Jaci,
    Your cards are fabulous. I am glad to see you are using the stamps that you won! I love those stamps too! Good to see you taking a few minutes to blog. I miss reading your blog.
    Merry Christmas