Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Years, Everyone!

For someone who chose to procrastinate updating her blog throughout the past year, its quite humorous to realize...that I am updating with a New Year's blog....ON NEW YEAR'S!!!

2o1o was AmAzInG and based on the way everything came together in the end, the lessons I learned...the beauty in the tears...there is really nothing I wish I could go back and do differently. Maybe a thing or two, but...for the most part, I am thankful that the year turned out like it did. Of course, this New Year means another step closer to infinity...but yet, the promise of another year to walk with Christ, and with that in mind, what greater blessing could there be?

Anyways...I promised myself that I am not going to be writing a 'personal' blog, when this blog is specifically designed for crafting & scrapping, so here goes...


My new crafting area

I've officially moved everything I have downstairs! No more lugging everything out of the sewing room and scrapping on the kitchen table, only to clean it up whenever someone feels like eating something, which for my part, happens ways too often. Can't yall go without eating sometimes? LOL. Na I'm kidding...I didn't mind...
Anyways, while making Christmas cards last year (yeah! it really was 'last year'), I moved everything downstairs on a trial basis, to see how much I'm going to enjoy scrapping in the basement hall. My brothers had set up a table for me, and you know, I absolutely loved it. So Mom and I were brainstorming, and we figured out how we can move everything downstairs... so here's what everything basically looks like now.

Everything found its way into what is supposed to be a linen closet (we'll figure that one out later (*smile) Looks great, doesn't it??

These are all my papers. Well...most of them. Of course, I have some paper packs stored elsewhere, but for the life of me, I cannot seem to find them. (ha! typical eh?) First container is just multicolored, no pattern, 8.5 x 11 papers, and the second includes all my 12 x12 sheets.

These are all my stamps! The first drawer holds all my ink pads, the second is where I'm storing my clear stamps, CD stamps, and unmounted rubber stamps, for which I use my clear block. Third drawer are all my wood mounted stamps. Organization? Non-existent!

This is just embellishments, ribbons, stickers, rub ons; from top to bottom, that's all that's in there!

I sure hope you didn't think that the top embellishments were the only ones I have! Here are a couple more...

My edge scissors and ever faithful gel pens.

My cuttlebug and the several folders I've managed to collect.... as well as a few die cuts and some impressionabilities.

A shoe organized, filled with almost all my border punches, squeeze punches, and my prized, personalized fiskar scissors.

& finally, this is where I keep my my accessories, like my knives, tape runners, mounting tape, glue sticks, stylus, etc. Oh yes, and I also managed to store some more border punches, corner punchers, and other tiny punches in here. Not sure what else is in here, but this is mostly where I keep all my small 'tools'.

So that was a major project for me, and thankfully, it is has now been completed...


Another major project regarding our house, was redoing our stairs. And then finishing them off with rubber. We had them done previously with linoleum, but it was coming loose and looked horrible. So...we finally got that done as well. Admittedly, it is a little dark, I love it!! It looks so good!!!

First, we had to tear off the old linoleum, and then scrap off the glue, paperbacking of the linoleum, and everything else. & this is what this picture is all about.

Mom & my brother, Thaddeus, hard at work. They heated up the glue & backing, and then scraped it loose. Slow process, for sure. Be sure to note Thadd's facial expression if you don't believe that its slow. LOL.

And this is the final result! The rubber measured, cut, and fitted into the stairs. It is not glued down yet, but they're going to stay on the stairs anyways until we get the glue and stick em down.

It's January 1st, but wow...what a major project we've managed to complete this year. (smile)

Next on the list, for me anyways, is completing a room makeover. Almost finished, but not quite. Will post photos once I get it done as well!


  1. Hey girl,

    I wanted to let you know that I left you an award on my blog today! Thanks for reaching out to me when I was getting my blog started.

  2. Well, Such a wonderful collection and plan to buy one of my new home. Your collection is very new and best for modern homes. It seems vintage looks.

  3. I found that you have lots of scissors, and colours of handle is totally different. You also added my favorite colour of scissor. Each stuffs arranged perfectly.