Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy Saturday

It's another one of those rainy Saturdays....equipped with thunder, lightening and all the fun trimmings. LOL I am so grateful that I had the insight to mow the lawn yesterday after it stopped raining - we had a couple hours of gorgeous warm weather yesterday after the rain and that was enough to dry off the grass. Looking out the window right now and watching the rain pour down, I can't help but breath this huge sigh of relief and sending thanks upwards for encouraging me to cut the grass. LOL

Unfortunately, this also leaves me with nothing to do. We've completed all the sewing we have on the go right now, and personally I am getting rather tired of staring at material. Actually, the whole truth would be; I am getting tired of ripping open seams that I messed up on, but heck, you didn't need to hear about my mistakes, now did you?

Then of course, I remembered that I was going to make a couple 'thank you' cards for my cousin who is getting married next year. I know she'll love them because she loves handmade things. & they are very plain, yet cute...and here is a photo of all 44 cards that I made this morning. Mom helped me with making the envelopes, Heck, I would still be working on them if she hadn't helped out. *smile.

There are four different designs and seven different colors. Five cards of each color, except green....and that's because I goofed on the 45th one. LOL

Anyways...I should get this published and get outta here before the power goes off again and resets the server. *smile..

Take care!

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  1. Hi Jachelle these are lovely!
    Just stopping in to let you know you won my blog candy :) please pop back to my blog to get my email address so you can send me your postal deets xx hope to hear from you soon!